HSE Policy


Al Rawahi International co LLC is committed to :

  • Abide by the legal & statutory rules prevailing in Oman to which Al Rawahi International co LLC subscribes
  • Provide a work environment in which health of employees are not affected adversely
  • Ensure that all employees and others who are directly or indirectly under the sphere of influence of Al Rawahi International co LLC is safe being protected from injuries
  • Protect the environment from damages and pollution
  • Protect all the vehicles, equipment and all other assets from damage

In order to achieve this Al Rawahi International co LLC will :

  • Make environmental protection visible and distinct
  • Allocate funds and provide resources to achieve HSE goals
  • Impart education and trainings to employees to facilitate risk to ALARP level
  • Follow the best HSE practices pertaining to Safety
  • Monitor Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance by utilizing management reviews, audits and Inspections with the active participation of all employees
  • Foster a work environment where continual improvement and learning from our mistakes are embraced by all employees
  • Assign responsibility and ensure our employees are accountable for Unsafe acts, unsafe conditions and incidents


D.P. Hirani
Managing Director

January 2018